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SEO Link Building for Small Business Post Panda and Penguin

Google’s recent algorithm update dramatically changed the SEO link building landscape. This time, content is once again king, identity and trust is key, and webmasters might not want the kinds of links they used to want. Many articles state that in a post Penguin and post Panda world, Google is gradually scrutinizing link spam profiles. Pursuing links from low quality websites is no longer the best practice today. The idea now is that if webmasters pursue links centered on an expected referral value, they will not worry about developing spammy link profiles. This is completely logical and is not nearly disputable as it may seem. However, some people would want to clarify the new link building small businesses might perceive as a detrimental way to build links.

The written articles about the new SEO link building for the most part are for the SEO Companies working with medium to large-scale businesses. These companies already established their brands, websites, relationships and have marketing resources to pursue high referral valued links, like famous blog and newspapers. Small businesses more likely do not have these things and can’t probably hope to pursue the same kind of links on their own especially if they are just starting out. Those “big business” SEO advice have the power to leave small business owners confused and afraid.

Those pieces of advice are highly dependent on the scale of the business.seo4
Meaning, small businesses do not necessarily need to aim for the top blogs at the beginning. They might be content with those legitimate but high traffic websites that bigger businesses do not see as big enough for their own linking requirements. The key is to determine the target market and decide on a target traffic size as a benchmark. The chosen sites to link with should more or less have the capability to drive the targeted traffic size. They should also be targeted towards the same market.

The techniques used pre Panda and Penguin still applies. The most effective way is still to write articles or reviews with quality content and guest post it since there are many websites out there that are looking for contents from experts. Make sure that you are writing excellent content, put a short description about you with a link to your website at the end of the article and avoid content farms.

Despite all the issues about SEO link building, the changes in building links are not much different from what it used to be except for the increased effort in avoiding links from spammy websites. Small businesses have to work hard to get links from top websites at first. Just remember to seek out legitimate websites regardless of how small it is to earn at least one or two quality links and putting up amazing contents will reward you greatly.

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